Lost Art Of Love Songs: Korey Bowie

Rarely do we hear a song or a poem in which Love is depicted as an integrated spiritual experience…I guess that’s why it’s good to have cats like K.B. around. If you’ve ever been in Love, then you’ve had a struggle in Love. This song is about getting through that. Try something new Moguls…I guarantee you’ll like it.


Bon Iver Covers Billboard

Four winters ago, Justin Vernon retreated to his father’s secluded cabin in northern Wisconsin, purging his sorrow through a falsetto that no one would probably ever hear. He spent three brutally cold months alone, piecing songs together using antiquated recording equipment. “It feels good not to be there,” Vernon says now. “But I feel proud that I had to go through some of that stuff.”

Three winters later, Vernon found himself in another confined space, but no longer alone. He was at Avex Honolulu Studios on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where Kanye West was recording in early 2010. He shared a room the size of a closet with Miami rap star Rick Ross and helped construct “Monster,” perhaps 2010’s strongest hip-hop posse cut (it peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100), while smoking, according to Ross, “some of the best weed the world has to offer.”

It took Vernon, the 30-year-old mastermind of the band known as Bon Iver, a frozen season in solitude to find his voice. It took Ross less than an hour to recognize its power.

“He’s a fucking genius,” Ross says. “I’d never seen nor heard of him in my life, and I looked up, and I was in a fucking 5-by-5 room with a white guy, smoking weed . . . and his voice is like something I’ve never heard, and he’s using words that are far from common. Within 20 minutes, I realized why Kanye had him there.”

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Oh Wisconsin!!!! Miss WI Drops Out of Pagent

Looks like Miss Wisconsin did a scam or two or three in her day!!

Shaletta Porterfield, who was set to appear as Miss Wisconsin USA, resigned from the beauty contest on Friday after being charged with three counts of stealing someone’s identity for financial gain.

The Madison beauty told investigators she had forged signatures of business owners on advertising contracts while working for a marketing company last year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

I know babygirl knew better than this!!

Daily Cool – Robert Charles

So Coolsweat doesn’t even bother.

Bonus Fresh…Joyful Drake

Michael Lock’s Milwaukee………..Part I

First of five parts

Stacie Happel moved into her newly purchased three-bedroom Milwaukee home in August 2005 with a list of projects.

First order of business: Get rid of those two unsightly concrete slabs in the backyard. So she put her boyfriend to work.

After smashing through 14 inches of concrete, he came across a blue tarp and underneath that, bones.

The previous owner of the W. Fiebrantz Ave. home had placed pit bull kennels on those slabs, but these were no dog bones.

Detectives called to the scene found a partially decomposed body bound in duct tape and kitchen wrap, the hands and feet tied with rope. They also found something puzzling in the grave: a tattered camisole.

DNA tests would reveal the corpse was an Illinois drug dealer who had disappeared six years earlier. He was last seen on his way to make a big drug score with the owner of the house on Fiebrantz, Michael Lock.

Under the next slab, detectives found another dead drug dealer, who also had done business with the owner of that house.

Just who was Michael Lock? 

It turned out police knew him – but not well enough.

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UnderGround Round #5 Milwaukee’s Own Ray Rizzy feat Juvenile & Lil Jon

Ok Yea

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