Morning Waffles: Billy Preston x Ray Charles – Agent Double O Soul


Bonus Fresh…Mary J. Blige

Sade, Reluctantly Back in the Spotlight (Swipe)

The conference room at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Baltimore is oppressively taupe. Taupe walls, taupe chairs, taupe tablecloths. Pull back the taupe curtains and enjoy the view: a taupe building made of taupe bricks.  “It’s a bit grim in here, isn’t it?” asks Sade.  Casually dressed in red denim, red lipstick, a red satin jacket and silver hoop earrings big enough to shoot basketballs through, she beelines for a switch on the wall and dims the lights. Soft. Softer. Off.

As she takes a seat in the afternoon sunlight, those reds seem to glow like cosmic embers. At 52, one of the most magnetic singers of our time sips lukewarm coffee from a paper cup and tries to explain how music’s inexplicable gravity pulled her out of a nine-year silence.

“It’s that feeling that you can get a little bit better,” she says. “That there’s somewhere to go and you haven’t expressed it all.”

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Lauryn Hill Pregnant With Her Sixth Child…

Just when I was starting to get used to the idea of Ms. Hill being around again…she drops the bomb that she’ll be taking time off to have her sixth child. Congrats Lauryn…we’ll be here when you get back! 😉

Morning Waffles…The Chi-Lites:That’s How Long


Daily Cool… Sam Cooke

Lost Art Of Love Songs…The Isley Brothers

This is actually my lifelong choice for the smoothest song ever laid down…but it’s a hell of a love song too.  You can also put it on your eternal summer play list.  It’s always appropriate…

Happy Birthday Ron Isley!

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