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How Facebook Affects Relationships (Infographic)

Some of us just put too much info on Facebook. From where you are at, to how you can’t stand your on again/off again boyfriend. Facebook has become an alternate life for some people. And I am willing to bet that if they could, they would live in the Facebook universe, never coming out of their room for fresh air. And as you can probably imagine, the more time we spend in cyberspace, the more it is affecting our real world relationships.

How many of you are guilty of going out with your friends and spending most of the night updating your Facebook/Twitter post?



Online Dating

5 Bad Relationship Habits(Swipe)

By Bob Strauss

OK, so you used to be married and now you’re not. You may be out there happily dating, but are the habits from your wedded days dogging you? Consider the fact that when you’re married, you have the luxury of a long, indefinite “’til death do us part” future in which to settle into a comfortable routine or slowly work through issues with your spouse. On a date, though, everything happens in accelerated time, with equally accelerated consequences. An indelicate remark on your first rendezvous may forever put the kibosh on a second. In fact, there are five key behaviors left over from your married days that can wreak havoc on your current romantic forays. We asked Marty Friedman, author of Straight Talk for Men About Marriage, to discuss how to recognize — and get rid of — these bad habits so your love life can prosper.

Bad Habit #1: Never ending your arguments. One of the dubious perks of being married, Friedman says, is being able to “stomp out of the room, cool yourself down, and bring up the issue again a few days or weeks later — or let it fester forever.” While having a knock-down, drag-out argument with someone you’ve just started dating isn’t exactly a good sign, you don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking, “If I ignore the problem, it’ll just go away.” That just won’t cut it when you’re dating.
Tactic to try: The challenge now, says Friedman, “is to hang in there and keep the lines of communication open.” You want to work through the issue, not allow it to linger.

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50 Doesn’t Want To Be Friends W/You Rappers

Can’t say that we are surprised by this, but 50 Cent isn’t friends with rappers in the industry.

“We don’t have those kinds of relationships. These people are people I associate with. We are in the same business. We are not necessarily friends. We don’t call each other for no reason.  It’s not like we have something against each other to make us enemies.  Me and Jay[-Z] will use each other. Repeatedly. For energy.”

I guess that settles it, we shouldn’t expect to see 50 and Jay sittin back at the local bar during happy hour.

Attn: Black Women! Why Are You So Focused On Dating A Black Man (Swipe)

By: Kourtney Richard

Disclaimer:  My opinion does not reflect all black women.  If you are offended by this article, feel free to exit at anytime. Also, leave a comment….I would love to hear what you have to say. Explicit language below.

Listen up black women! Did you know that Caucasian, Latin and Asian men are genuinely attracted to you? In fact, some are infatuated with black women. We are just too preoccupied with finding a “black man” to notice.   I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a successful 28-year old black male and he stated, “Its a comfort-factor for black women, they prefer what their used to and in some cases black women are scared of change.”

It’s obvious that black men have officially moved on to other races. Go sit at a local Starbucks for two hours and I guarantee you will see a black man with a non-black woman within those two hours. Black men have learned how to explore other races because A). They do not want to limit themselves to dating ONLY black women due to personal reasons or B.) They fell in love with someone who just happens to be of another race or C.) Society convinced them about the stereotypical black woman (too ghetto, too much attitude, etc) so they choose not to deal with us. Read more of this post

Nicki Minaj Lets Us In On A Secret Or Two

Did you ever wonder what Nicki Minaj sleeps in?? Neither did we, but if you would like to know Nicki talks about her pj’s, vagina and men.

The TOP 50 Mistakes Women Make During Sex

Ok…so I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but I think it’s absolutely fantastic…and hilarious. She-Moguls, I’m warning you ahead of time, don’t read this with a chip on your shoulder expecting  to agree, or disagree, with everything you read. Instead, use it as a source of insight. As an Official, Board Certified He-Mogul….I guarantee that this is a fun way to spark some conversation, broach difficult subjects, or just have a laugh with your significant other. Some of the language is a little racy, and could be considered borderline NSFW…but it’s well worth your time. it would be great to get some comments and discussion going on this one!! Who’s first? 😉

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