Mogul Nostalgia: School House Rock – Beans & Rice


Mogul Nostalgia: Breakin – Ain’t Nobody

I remember this movie like it was yesterday. How many of you Moguls used to walk down the street with your cardboard?

Mogul Nostalgia…Brick Cell Phone

NEW EPMD – Don’t Get Clapped!!!

I hate to admit it…but this one snuck up on me! YungMogul usually handles the Hip-Hop side of things so well…that I don’t even think to check around too much. Sooo….I was checkin’ a couple of traps this morning and look what I found…

Big Daddy Kane Interview By GetFreshKid

[Vimeo 14393120]

It is good to see BDK still out here doing the damn thing.



By now you must have figured out that the Moguls that post here are undeniably sons of Hip-Hop. I tend to revel in the golden age of Hip-Hop when the MC was the Urban Newsman and just a few lines could jumpstart a party…..without the promise of gunplay. In those days….every MC had to (sooner or later) use his skills to exalt his Verbal Swagg! Before “swagg” was just an overused term thrown recklessly about by immature label jockies, finding 101 ways to tell the world that “I…alone, am the Greatest Of All Time” was a heralded Art Form. Today’s post is dedicated to a young brother that many of you recognize….but have forgotten that when it comes to this Hip-Hop game….that he was a major player. As a matter of fact he was so major at the age of 17 that we didn’t care that he had one of the strangest shaped heads we would ever see covered by a Kangol! By now……all my fellow Golden Agers undoubtedly know of whom I speak. And if you’re certified….you know the words (and the moves) to this entire song/video…still. L.L. Cool J took a few minutes one summer afternoon to tell you why He….is one of the Greatest Of All Time. From one of the greatest Sophomore Hip-Hop albums of all time, SheMoguls and Moguls, without further ado…..

AND he did it without tellin’ you how much $$ he was spendin’, or what bottles he was poppin. Must be talent!



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