3 Mobile Apps To Help Find CHEAP Gas!!(Swipe)

By John Simons

Energy analysts see more price hikes ahead. Three-quarters of Americans drive to and from work (alone). So it makes sense that the average car-owner uses about 550 gallons of gas per year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent data. At a price of, say, $4-per-gallon, many of us are spending about $2,200 a year on gasoline. Until we’re all zipping in electric cars, the best way to economize (apart from driving less) is to make sure we’re getting the best price for gas.

To help you manage the rising price of gas, I recommend these three mobile apps that can help you find the lowest gas prices wherever you happen to be driving:
1) GasBuddy, available for free on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.
2) Fuel Finder, a $2.99 iPhone-only app that promises to save you about $300 a year.
3) AAA TripTik Mobile, a free iPhone and Android app.

If you don’t use a smartphone, you can get the same information by visiting Gasbuddy.com, autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstationsbeta.aspx, or gasprices.mapquest.com.

Each of the apps and websites work virtually the same: punch in the name of the city or town you’re in (or the zip code), and the app spits out a map showing the location of several nearby gas stations along with their current per gallon price for “regular” gas. When I entered my own zip code in New Jersey, MSN’s tool, for instance, displayed about 12 gas stations within a five-mile radius of my home. Prices at these local pumps ranged anywhere from a high of $4.08 to a comparatively cheap $3.69. Guess where I’m filling up next time the tank’s empty?


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I am a big Android fan and this 3D map is right on time! I can see this changing the navigation app game once again. Actually, I don’t see the need for a navigation app that you have to pay for when Google does all of this and makes waffles for free. Can you imagine what car navigation systems will look like in a couple of years!

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