Incense & Grooves: The Jacksons – Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl


Kid Dances To Thriller at Safeco Field

Some kid displays a few moves at Safeco Field while Thriller is pumped through the speakers.

Jewelz of the Day…… 7/7/11


Micahel Jackson – Suzuki Commercial

$10 Mike Jack didn’t spin that girl around himself!!!

Essence’s 50 Most Powerful R&B Artist of All Time

In honer of Black Music Month Essence online drops their 50 Most Powerful R&B Artist of All-Time list. Your usuals are there like Arthea Franklin, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige and Prince.

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Michael Jackson
3. Mary J Blige
4. Diana Ross
5. Whitney Houston
6. Beyonce
7. Patti LaBelle
8. Teena Marie
9. Maxwell
10. Lauryn Hill
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Songs of Summer Day 3: Michael Jackson – Happy

(See the good thing about the “Songs of the Summer” series is that not all the songs selected came out in the summer. I am not sure when of these songs actually dropped, I just know they crossed my radar one summer day, making them forever in my mind a summer song.)

While the other kids were in love with Thriller I was discovering the music of yesteryear. One of my first albums post Thriller-mania was a best of compilation by K-tel records. Remember them? Of course ya do. Well the album had plenty of songs that I never heard from Mike’s years at Motown, Happy was one of those tracks.

You know how certain songs can take you back to the time when you first heard them? Well Happy is one of those songs for me. It takes me back to the summer between 5th and 6th grade. For some reason in between my rap songs, Happy was blasting from my stereo. Maybe it helped smooth me out. Looking back now, I realize that it served as the transition song of my life as I went from a lad to middle school age. The mood of the song was the perfect backdrop for me leaving elementary and going  to middle school. And from that summer on when I hear this song, I think of old friends from the old school that Facebook can’t even find.

RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Time sure does fly doesn’t it? It seemed like just last month when I received a phone call about Michael being dead. I didn’t want to believe it, but something inside told me that it was the only conclusion. In order to achieve the greatness that sets him apart from others Mike Jack had to in fact die. Sad sh&t from a man who went through a lot, good and bad. But no matter what you may think about him, Michael Joseph Jackson is one of the greatest who ever did it!!!


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