Lost Art Of Love Songs…Maysa Leak: Hypnotic Love


Lost Art Of Love Songs: Korey Bowie

Rarely do we hear a song or a poem in which Love is depicted as an integrated spiritual experience…I guess that’s why it’s good to have cats like K.B. around. If you’ve ever been in Love, then you’ve had a struggle in Love. This song is about getting through that. Try something new Moguls…I guarantee you’ll like it.

Lost Art Of Love Songs…The Isley Brothers

This is actually my lifelong choice for the smoothest song ever laid down…but it’s a hell of a love song too.  You can also put it on your eternal summer play list.  It’s always appropriate…

Happy Birthday Ron Isley!

Lost Art Of Love Songs: ‘Til The End Of Time (Timothy Bloom feat. V. Bozeman)

Warning: Not Safe For Work!!!

When you get home tonight and have a chance to sit down for your evening dose of UML…you’ve gotta peep this video. It’s a classic LOVE song. The video is sexy as hell…which does nothing but add to its flavor. The video features both artists, Timothy Bloom and V.Bozeman, standing in a gentle embrace while slowly revolving on a platform. As they gaze intimately into each others eyes and sing their perspective parts, they gently caress each other’s naked skin. To hear me tell it, it may sound like some second-rate porno…but I assure you it is not. It’s actually a very sexy and tasteful exploration of just one of the many aspects of Love. A must see for any Mogul

If you’ve got a loved one close by…you may want to grab a glass of wine and watch this one together 😉

Lost Art of Love Songs…Marvin Gaye

Some Love Songs are great because they talk about new love.  Some Love Songs are great because they sing about lost love.  This Love Song is great…because it’s a great song about the importance of Love….

Lost Art Of Love Songs…Michael Jackson

Michael’s love affair with music gave birth to a generation, this song is a PERFECT reflection of that love…

Damn that little boy could sing.

Lost Art of Love Songs…Ronnie Dyson

If Love songs are your thing…or you just feel the need to be let in on all of life’s beautiful little secrets…then you have to listen to this song…

This song was performed by other artists as well. Pure classic soul.

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