Living The Life (Father’s Day Edition)


THe Perfect Shaving Kit

Gentlemen it is a privilege to be able to shave every morning, because some cats don’t know a good shave if it bit them in the face! But for those of us who appreciate that morning ritual, then this kit is for you.

Hail Perret is a sexy & stylish kit by designer Niclas Andersson that celebrates the art of the traditional straight razor shave in a minimal yet natural looking roll-up pack stripped down to the bare necessities: razor, lather, bowl, bristle brush, aftershave, & face towel.

Yanko Design

Check It Out… Nissan Has A New Convertible

This 2011 Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is the perfect ride for the young professional who has a little style.

Mogul Style…Fatherhood

Mogul Style: Simplicity

Coco Looks Coco-Licious In Her Jeans

Coco has a new line of clothes dropping, simply called Licious!! She-Moguls if looking Licious is your style, then you can cop some items here.

How Many of You Would Like To Take A Bath In A Glass Tub????


Boston-based architecture and design firm Stern McCafferty created this custom bath based on an inspiration photo from owners Amy and Ethan d’Abelmont Burnes. Flipping through the latest issue of Boston Home, made from a thick sheet of glass inserted between the two tile walls, it’s so simple.



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