Top Ten Cities People Lose Their Cell Phones

Ever lose your cell phone? Me neither, but for those of you who said yes which city do you hail from? Maybe you are a product of your environment and it is your destiny to lose your iPhone. Sucks to be you. But at least I hope you are putting sometype of password on your phone. NMake it challenging for whoever finds it so they just can’t get to the naked pictures you have of yourself.


Would You Use Google Wallet

Google is every damn where these days. It is no longer just your mother’s search engine. And with the creation of Google Wallet, the big G can be in your pockets also. But the million dollar question is would you feel safe using it? Especially with companies like Sony getting their safe busted in, how safe can Google Wallet be? Maybe, it will be safe until someone runs off with your phone. Anyways I am looking forward to a Paypal Wallet!!!!

Google Got Broadband Y’all

Google has announced that Kansas City, Kansas will get Google Broadband service.

The company announced Wednesday on its official blog that the city is the first to get the new program. Google says its ultrafast network would be capable of making Internet access more than 100 times faster than the broadband connection in most U.S. homes.

More than 1,100 cities throughout the country made bids to become a test site for the network, which would provide Internet connections of 1 gigabit per second to up to 500,000 people.

!00 times faster speeds? Now that is what I’m talking bout!! I would be able to download Prince’s entire catalog of music in about 10 minutes!!!


Facebook To Join The Movie Streaming Business

Looks like Facebook is on some Google ish!! The social networking king has plans on streaming movies to users within the Facebook universe. In Facebook’s plan to takeover the world, it has teamed up with Warner Brothers to offer the 600 million users hit flicks.

Warner Brothers will start the trial with The Dark Knight, the 2008 Batman movie from Christoper Nolan, and Facebook users will have to pay 30 Facebook credits (about $3) to watch the movie. To rent the movie, U.S.-based Facebook users have to visit the movie’s Facebook page, and start watching the movie from there. The rental period lasts for 48 hours — twice the standard from other streaming services — and users can post comments and do the typical Facebook things at the same time, including updating their status.

The studio says that additional titles will be coming soon and that it was a no-brainer to start offering video streaming rentals through Facebook.

In about 2 years the internet will be ran by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Ya’ll just wait and see.


Motorola Wants To Change The Game!!!

The tablet game is heating up!!!

Top Ten Most Memorable New Product Launches of 2010

  1. iPad
  2. Microsoft Windows 7
  3. Pretzel M&Ms
  4. Motorola Droid
  5. McDonald’s Smoothies
  6. iPod Nano
  7. Starbucks VIA instant coffee
  8. Samsung 3DTV
  9. Huggies Jeans Diapers
  10. (Tie) Kleenex Hand Towels and KFC Double Down Sandwich


How many of you moguls ate that Double Down foolishness??

How to Use Google to Improve Your SEO (Swipe)

For most people, the term “search engine” has become synonymous with the name “Google.” But what many don’t realize is that, aside from the generic search engine capabilities, Google also offers plenty of free tools to help improve your SEO and get the most out of your site. The following guide offers helpful advice on pairing services like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to tweak your site and kick up your search engine ranking a few notches.

How to Use Google to Improve Your SEO: General Google SEO Tips

Since Google is still a search engine at heart, you’ll need to implement a few SEO tactics in order to take full advantage of the tools Google offers to help optimize your site. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.    Don’t neglect the power of “off-site” links. Google places a lot of emphasis on links, says Chris Dawkins, CEO of Trace Media Marketing, a New York City-based SEO and Internet marketing firm. In other words, the more links that point back to your website, the higher Google will rank your site.

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