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Hey Hollywood…Wasn’t The Original Green Lantern A Brother?

One of you Moguls fill me in on the Real Deal here…I’m no comic book guru, but wasn’t John Stewart’s original Green Lantern black?

UML @ The NAACP Leadership 500

One of the greatest events for African American professionals who have accepted the responsibility of leading the next generation is in full swing  in Hollywood, Florida. The event, which is the brainchild of NAACP Board of Directors Chairman, Roslyn M. Brock, is  3 days designed to develop leaders through seminars, direct engagement, and networking activities designed to  inspire, educate and motivate the next generation. The Westin Diplomat Hotel and Florida’s coast line has provided a gorgeous backdrop for  the first full day of activities.

Roslyn M. Brock

The day has been highlighted by a powerful speaking presentation from Terrie Williams, whose success in the Public Relations & Communications field is only surpassed by the courage she has shown as she has publicly chronicled her ongoing battle with depression. Ms. Williams held the room of aspiring professionals in utter silence as she cautioned against the very real dangers of not allowing ourselves to cope with the emotional rigors of everyday life in exchange for the pursuit of wealth and success. Breakout sessions on topics such as Breaking The Code of Leadership were eagerly attended and expertly facilitated by professionals from industry giants BMW, Wells Fargo, MBIA, and others.

I have been pleased to meet the acquaintance of several NAACP Chapter President’s, Editor-In-Chief of UptownMagazine.com, Chrystal Parker, and other high-powered Moguls.

Stay tuned Moguls…I’ll keep you posted on the weekend’s events as they happen. In the meantime, get registered for next year.

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A BEAUTIFUL chocolate sister…

4 Ways Black College Grads Ruin Good Job Opportunities (Swipe)

As the National Urban League unveiled its 12-point plan for dealing with joblessness in urban communities of color, the organization also highlighted one of the hardest-hit demographics among the unemployed — young, black adults.

While the root causes of unemployment many, unfortunately we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot and hurt our own chances at landing that next solid job.

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