Lost Art Of Love Songs: ‘Til The End Of Time (Timothy Bloom feat. V. Bozeman)

Warning: Not Safe For Work!!!

When you get home tonight and have a chance to sit down for your evening dose of UML…you’ve gotta peep this video. It’s a classic LOVE song. The video is sexy as hell…which does nothing but add to its flavor. The video features both artists, Timothy Bloom and V.Bozeman, standing in a gentle embrace while slowly revolving on a platform. As they gaze intimately into each others eyes and sing their perspective parts, they gently caress each other’s naked skin. To hear me tell it, it may sound like some second-rate porno…but I assure you it is not. It’s actually a very sexy and tasteful exploration of just one of the many aspects of Love. A must see for any Mogul

If you’ve got a loved one close by…you may want to grab a glass of wine and watch this one together 😉

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