Technology Connection & Reality Disconnection

We are living in the times of technology. Which has gained us leaps & bounds in the way of information and access to EVERYTHING!

But this is by far not without casualties of reality.

Today there are more influences of what one wants than what one actually needs.

Nowadays perhaps there are more single people because they are forever looking online, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming and so on and so on …. Giving the idea that there is something better, shinier, and more exciting elsewhere.

This has an incredible impact on how reality is handled. Although it is not a bad idea to open your mind and explore the possibilities of furthering an education, learning about different cultures, or even checking out the current trends of life….

But to ignore the reality of what is actually within arms reach and disregard the daily tasks of living is a real disconnect.

Social media has a few married couples starting to think that they settled too soon, younger folks think social media is their next ticket to fast stardom, not to mention THE THIRST!!!! This encompasses a variety of people looking for anything and everything to feed the want to be seen, loved, acknowledged, validated, ect, ect, ect…..

Technology has become the be all to end all. Without it, we learned patience and diligence. With it we have convenience and instant gratification.

I’m not saying I’m not a fan because I surely appreciate living in an age where anything is available at the touch of a button but it is not without revelation that connecting through a mainframe will never be the same as connecting with one another in real-time with real life through real experiences.

When a friend went on to tell me how they were so caught up in Candy Crush that they almost got fired, I thought, DANG! When is too much, too much?! Another person told a story about their neighbor that hadn’t tended to their yard in months but is always sitting on their porch with a lap top… And the catalyst for this blog entry was when someone was telling me about how they would rather just buy their kids ipads & all that instead of helping them with homework or dealing with having to entertain them.

Connections to technology have really made it far too easy for a disconnection from reality.

With that being said, I’m logging off and going outside to play!

Shake a hand, give a hug, go and talk FACE to FACE with someone.

*cue Soul II Soul* …

back to life back to the present time
back from a fantasy
tell me now take the initiative
ill leave it in your hands until your ready



… Is Whoopi gon open a can of whoop’ass?

Whoopi Goldberg has taken out after Rep. Michele Bachmann over signing a pledge “The Marriage Vow” that claimed more African-American children were born to two-parent families under slavery than today.

Using a classic politician’s response, Bachmann has responded by using Goldberg’s attack as grist for a fund raising letter.

“In order to show Whoopi we won’t stand for her attacks, I have set a goal to raise $40,000 in the next 24 hours,” the Tea Party heroine and Republican presidential candidate wrote in an e-mail blitz.

“The Marriage Vow” contained a since-retracted passage that seemed to suggest that life for African-American children had one up side in pre-Civil War America.

“Slavery had a disastrous  impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by a mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American president,” it claimed.

Whoopi Goldberg responded in classic form on “The View,” saying, “Dammit, I am sick of this crap.”  She then added:

“White people, black people, Asian people — some of us are single parents, some of us turned out O.K. with single parents.  Stop pointing the finger at single parents.  I’m sick of people who don’t know what they’re talking about going on.”

Bachmann signed “The Marriage Vow” but said she did not back the passage on slavery.  The GOP presidential candidate was raised for part of her life by a divorced mother, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

“The comments from Whoopi Goldberg have hit a new low and I must have the resources to defend myself and fight back,” Bachmann wrote to the conservative faithful.

Bachmann has reported raising $2 million in the first three weeks after announcing her presidential bid.

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Hip Hop Weighs In On Mav’s Championship Run…

Yeah there’s alot of Sad faces all over the place this week, with the Miami Heat falling to the Mavs on Sunday, clearly showing they are not ready, or Dallas just wanted it that much more!!!

For Dallas rapper Dorrough, the victory, which was the first championship title for the Mav’s in franchise history, was a longtime coming.

“I been a Mavs fan since a kid even when we were the sorriest team in the NBA, to see my home team win the NBA Finals is epic! The world should be playing my ‘Mavs Anthem’ All Week!!,” a proud Dorrough explained .

“We have always been proud to be from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,” Play-N-Skillz told fans this week.

“Today I am honored to say I represent Dallas, Texas and am playing ‘WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS’ from my ipod! Congrats Dallas Mavericks,” Play added.

“Never underestimate the heart of a champ… D-Town stay down,” Tum Tum told in a statement about the victory.

DJ Khaled remained loyal to his home team, despite the disappointing loss.

“Big up miami heat amazing team Miami-Dade county 305! Every great team has a great story!

LL Cool J appeared to support the Mavericks, since Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd are expected to retire.

“Jason Kidd got his ring…The Heat are young & they have plenty of time…Nothing to be ashamed of..Great series.”

Jim Jones was obviously rooting for the Mavericks, based on the tweets he sent out about LeBron James.

“I’ts over for labronda, I bet u he cry like a girl at the end…told u he crying already,” Jim Jones tweeted.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams’ Twitter remained quiet as of press time, after the Cash Money Records CEO lost a $2 million bet on the Miami Heat.

Keep It Trill

Lauryn Hill Pregnant With Her Sixth Child…

Just when I was starting to get used to the idea of Ms. Hill being around again…she drops the bomb that she’ll be taking time off to have her sixth child. Congrats Lauryn…we’ll be here when you get back! 😉

Sesame Street Created For Uneducated Black Children???

Read more on the subject here

NFL Player Braylon Edwards Sends 100 Students To College!!(Swipe)

By Yannique Benitez

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards is easing the burden of 100 Cleveland, OH high school students and fulfilling his promise to pay for their way through college, a promise valued at $1 million.

The Jets player made the promise in 2008, when he told the students he would pay for them to attend any college of their choice if they completed 15 hours of community service and maintained at least a 2.5 GPA while in school.

The students fulfilled their end of the bargain, and Edwards is putting his money where is mouth is and sending each student to the college of his/her choice on his own dime, according to Aol Sporting News. Edwards tweeted over the weekend: “As the 2nd most hated man in Clev & a man of my word, today I will honor a promise made to 100 students in Cleveland years ago. The last of my Advance 100 students will graduate from my program and head off to college on scholarships that I will provide them with. Guys, enjoy and embrace your new beginnings and remember your promise to me, to reach back & help someone else along the way.”

Edwards was a first round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns in 2005, and was traded to the Jets in 2009.

Black Panther Geronimo Pratt Dies…

Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt spent 27 years in prison for a murder he says he didn't commit. His conviction was later overturned.


(CNN) — Former Black Panther Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, who was wrongly imprisoned for 27 years on a murder conviction, died Thursday in Tanzania, his former lawyer said.

He was 63.

Stuart Hanlon, a San Francisco-based lawyer who helped overturn Pratt’s murder conviction, said he did not know the exact cause of death.

Pratt died in a small village in Tanzania where he lived with his wife and child, Hanlon said.

Hanlon called Pratt a “true American,” saying that he was an Army veteran who served two tours in Vietnam before joining the Black Panther Party.

“He could’ve been a great leader. He was very charismatic,” Hanlon said. “His legacy is that he never gave up. He never got despondent or angry.”

Pratt’s conviction became a rallying cry for rights groups that said he had been framed for his strident activism during the turbulent civil rights era. Read more of this post

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