Snapshot: Incredibilis by Maggie Me


Snapshot: The Art of Chappelle by Ryan Jones*

*Not the official title of this piece

Some Man Steals Picasso Drawing

     So this is like the perfect movie script just waiting to be written.

    Police are on the hunt for a man who walked into a San Francisco art gallery, grabbed a valuable pencil drawing by Pablo Picasso off the wall and then fled in a waiting taxicab.

Police on Tuesday said the drawing, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, was taken from the Weinstein Gallery near Union Square.

The gallery says Picasso created the one-of-a-kind drawing titled “Tete de Femme” in 1965.

Someone in the underground market is happy right now.Wonder how much the picture will fetch for?




Darth Vader or Optimus Prime

This is cool. We never noticed that the Autobot sign looks similar to Darth Vader. Which leads us to ask, who would win in a fight Darth Vader or Optimus Prime?

Mogul Snapshot: Tealights & Pearls

What Moguls Watch: A Prophet

I’m a fan of movies…not always the movies everyone else likes. I love IFC, Sundance, and I don’t mind reading subtitles. The other night I ran across the 2010 film, A Prophet. The film is a crime drama that follows a young man on his journey from surviving in prison, to striving in the outside world.


Condemned to six years in prison, Malik El Djebena, part Arab, part Corsican, cannot read or write. Arriving at the jail entirely alone, he appears younger and more fragile than the other convicts. He is 19 years old. Cornered by the leader of the Corsican gang currently ruling the prison, he is given a number of “missions” to carry out, toughening him up and gaining the gang leader’s confidence in the process. Malik is a fast learner and rises up the prison ranks, all the while secretly devising his own plans. 





Mogul Snapshot:Lane Frost Statue

Because every culture has its monuments…and paying tribute is one of the most beautifully human things that people do…

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