3 Mobile Apps To Help Find CHEAP Gas!!(Swipe)

By John Simons

Energy analysts see more price hikes ahead. Three-quarters of Americans drive to and from work (alone). So it makes sense that the average car-owner uses about 550 gallons of gas per year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent data. At a price of, say, $4-per-gallon, many of us are spending about $2,200 a year on gasoline. Until we’re all zipping in electric cars, the best way to economize (apart from driving less) is to make sure we’re getting the best price for gas.

To help you manage the rising price of gas, I recommend these three mobile apps that can help you find the lowest gas prices wherever you happen to be driving:
1) GasBuddy, available for free on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.
2) Fuel Finder, a $2.99 iPhone-only app that promises to save you about $300 a year.
3) AAA TripTik Mobile, a free iPhone and Android app.

If you don’t use a smartphone, you can get the same information by visiting Gasbuddy.com, autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstationsbeta.aspx, or gasprices.mapquest.com.

Each of the apps and websites work virtually the same: punch in the name of the city or town you’re in (or the zip code), and the app spits out a map showing the location of several nearby gas stations along with their current per gallon price for “regular” gas. When I entered my own zip code in New Jersey, MSN’s tool, for instance, displayed about 12 gas stations within a five-mile radius of my home. Prices at these local pumps ranged anywhere from a high of $4.08 to a comparatively cheap $3.69. Guess where I’m filling up next time the tank’s empty?


Are You An Entrepreneur?

A 2010 survey took a look at what today’s entrepreneur looks like…

8 Signs Of A Successful Entrepreneur(Swipe)

By Tina WellsI’ve written several columns on what it takes to establish a successful business. But more important than the business is the entrepreneur who establishes it. So what are those must-have qualities of successful entrepreneurs? Read on and find out.
1. You must have vision
Most of the successful entrepreneurs I know have great vision. Ideas are great, but what’s the process to making them a reality? A clear vision is a must.
2. Great communication skills.
Once you’ve established what you’re trying to do, the next logical step is putting the team together that will help you. You must be great at communicating that vision to the people who support you. There are many tools available to help you figure out how best to communicate with your team based on personality types and working styles.
3. Keep and make deadline.
Entrepreneurs get things done—period. There are no excuses and deadlines always matter. If you say you’re going to do something by a certain date, just do it. True entrepreneurs don’t ever make excuses or let obstacles stand in their way.

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LimeWire Settles With the RIAA For $105 Million!!!!!

The now-defunct peer-to-peer client agreed, last week, to pay $105M to the major record labels as part of a settlement between both parties — the labels being represented by the copyright watchdog. They paid for 9,715 pirated tracks.

However, some say they got away easy — a jury could’ve awarded labels as much as $1.4 billion.

Due to an interpretation of the Copyright Act that would count each download of a song as an infringement, the RIAA had initially wanted Limewire to pay $75 trillion. Obviously, that wouldn’t happen though, and even the court called the amount “absurd,” so it seems they settled for $105 million instead.

The settlement follows a similar $115 million dollar settlement against Kazaa in 2006.

In a post at the Huffington Post, some within the music industry question whether its even worth going after some of these companies.

Computer World quotes Ray Beckerman, a New York attorney who has defended individuals against RIAA lawsuits, who said he doesn’t see a great victory for the music industry against LimeWire. Read more of this post

4 Ways Black College Grads Ruin Good Job Opportunities (Swipe)

As the National Urban League unveiled its 12-point plan for dealing with joblessness in urban communities of color, the organization also highlighted one of the hardest-hit demographics among the unemployed — young, black adults.

While the root causes of unemployment many, unfortunately we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot and hurt our own chances at landing that next solid job.

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IMF Says China’s Economy To Overtake The US By 2016(Swipe)

Real Moguls need to be aware of what’s going on around them. The recent IMF announcement projecting that China will have the largest economy in the world by 2016 may have slipped past some as just Money Market Mumbo Jumbo. Whether finance is your thing or not, you need to take five minutes to understand some of the implications associated with this changing of the economical guard.  None of us reading this have ever known a world in which the US didn’t have the largest and most influential economy in world…all of us need to understand the ways it may impact your world.

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‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Executive Producer Talks To Black Enterprise(Swipe)

By Janel Martinez

If you’ve heard of Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Maxwell or 50 Cent, then you’ve likely heard of Mona Scott-Young (or are at least familiar with her stellar career management skills). The former president and co-founder of Violator Management spent nearly two decades in partnership with longtime co-founder, Chris Lighty, but set sail on her own, establishing Monami Entertainment LLC in 2008. “I’d been with Violator for a very long time taking the company, I think, to great heights, but found that there were so many other areas I wanted to explore and dive into,” says Scott-Young. Starting a boutique entertainment company that spans beyond artist management to television and film production was just the beginning. Her hard work and start-up investment of just less than $1 million is paying off with Monami Entertainment producing VH1’s latest reality TV hit Love & Hip Hop, a show shadowing the lives of Chrissy Lampkin, fiancée of rapper Jim Jones; former G-Unit rapper Olivia; ex-wife of Swizz Beats, Mashonda; rapper Fabolous’ girlfriend, Emily Bustamante, and up-and-coming recording artist, Somaya Reece.

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