Things Will Be Finally Changing Around These Parts…….

On behalf of the good folks here @Urban Mogul Life, I would like to thank-you. Thank-you for taking time out of your internet surfing to wipe out on our site. For the past year and a half we have worked tirelessly on providing you a look at the world through our eyes; the eyes of an Urban Mogul. And we sure hope you enjoyed the view.

Next time you hear from us Moguls things will look a little different. The birds will chirp a little prettier, and the Fresh will be even Fresher. But throughout the graduated look we will present to you, please remember that we are the same old Moguls. Ain’t nothing changed except the walk got slicker, game got thicker, bic lights still flicker.


Danny P. Ocean

Food & Beverage



We See You: Nicki Minaj


Living The Mogul Life


Daily Fresh…..Herieth Paul


Daily Fresh….. Jennifer Lopez


Incense & Grooves: Anthony Hamilton – You

How To Reinvent Beanie Sigel? Reality Show? New Music?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Beans ain’t the same. Ever since holmes left jail, something has been missing. Even his attempt to get at his former homie and boss seemed half-baked. And we all know half-baked beans ain’t shit. So somebody needs to do an intervention to get Beanie Sigel back before it is too damn late. In dog years Sig’s career is about 49 years old. And it is about 5 seconds from being forgotten about, or at the most a footnote to 90’s hip hop.

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