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JP Morgan profiting off hungry Americans (Swipe)


The deepest recession since the great depression cost Americans more than eight million jobs and $787 billion in tax-payer funds for Wall Street. Bailout recipient JP Morgan Chase has recovered well, but most Americans have not.

Americans are generally known for their healthy appetite.Some eat what they crave, while others like Gavrielle Gemma, only eat what is affordable.

Gemma is an unemployed 61-year old with a monthly food budget of two-hundred dollars.She is among the 43-million Americans relying on federal food subsidy. The electronic benefit transfer card allows food stamp recipients to spend their allowance. A plastic lifeline for the hungry and unemployed is also a money maker for JP Morgan Chase, the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the US.Meaning an increase in food stamp recipients equals more profit for the investment bank.

Yes it pisses me off that every time I use my debit card, JP Morgan make a little money off my transaction. JP Morgan is responsible for the fact that I’m unemployed. So it doesn’t surprise me that every aspect of this program and everything has been privatized,” said Gemma. Read more of this post

Law Firm Liable In Bank Failure, Feds Say (Swipe)

Federal regulators are suing a prominent Henry County law firm in connection with a bank failure, reflecting the government’s widening legal efforts to recoup losses from Georgia’s banking meltdown.

The civil lawsuit against Smith Welch & Brittain and one of its partners, J. Mark Brittain, alleges malpractice in Brittain’s handling of certain loans that Neighborhood Community Bank made to a Henry developer from 2005 to 2007.

Neighborhood Community failed in June 2009, and its failure cost the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s insurance fund an estimated $66.7 million.

The suit is the fourth brought by the FDIC in the wake of the state’s 55 bank failures, the most in any state since mid-2008. Three are against law firms or lawyers. Read more of this post