What is an Urban Mogul?
An Urban Mogul is a young, professional minded go-getter that stomps the Urban Jungle with confidence and class. Armed with a variety of skills, the Urban Mogul looks to conquer their obstacles and live amongst their dreams, while influencing their reality; defining for themselves the meaning of “the finer things in life”.

What is Urban Mogul-Life?

Urban Mogul-Life is the one stop site for all things pertaining to Urban Moguls. We comb the web so that you don’t have to. We present the music, economics, fashion, film, chill spots, technology, news, and what-not of the “Urban Mogul’s Life” in a classic, tasteful way.

If it’s hot you can find it here. If it’s not, go elsewhere to read up on it. The media take-over is in motion.


3 Responses to About

  1. Thank you sir for linking to my article – it is greatly appreciated!

  2. I am the Assistant/Script Manager for Aaron Burden Writer/Producer of the Film “SideTracked” An Urban Drama Love Story of High school students preparing to go to College. We are in Production. Looking to Network.

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